Hey there! I am a painfully single female in the well-to-do town of Midlothian, VA. I typically have something to say about everything. I have an older brother and sister who are my best friends in a borderline cheesy way. Currently I am classified as being permanently disabled. Most of my days are spent watching TV and cuddling with my emotional support dog, Sophie, who is obviously my baby.

Writing has always been a passion of mine and I am not lacking on experiences, ideas, and lessons to share. I want to putĀ  my life out there in the hopes that it may help others feel less alone… I want for this to be the type of blog that I wish I could have read myself when I was going through my own struggles. I am also writing this for me. Sometimes you are just so full of stories to tell that it’s bound to spill over. Open, transparent, and honest, this is my life and what I know about the life around me. This is just one woman’s story, feeling completely vulnerable, but exposing my heart and mind from my own point of view. I’m hoping to provide some laughs along the way not just tears, but no promises.